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  • Walk Inside and Upright 
  • Reduce Back & Neck Pressure up to 60%
  • Easy To Maneuver in Tight Spaces
  • Folds for Easy Transport
  • Weighs Less Than 20 lbs.
  • Tray, 2 Cup Holders, Private Storage

Prices As Low As $61.97/MO

Need Help? 1-877-466-8486

Walk Farther, Easier and Safer

with the Comfort and Support You Need

The Motivo Difference

With the traditional rolling walker the fixed seat forces you to walk behind it with your spine forward and bent, leaving you in a hunched over position. Motivo's patented stow-away seat puts the user inside the walker and aligns the spine, reducing back and neck pressure by up to 60%.

Live a Healthier, More Independent Life

Inspired by the needs of our own family members, Motivo was founded on the premise that products should be designed for people's lives, not just their conditions. The Tour's innovative stow away seat design allows you to stand inside and upright, reducing back and neck pressure by 60%. Also, standing inside the Tour minimizes unnecessary strain caused by reaching so you can live a healthier more independent life.

Prices As Low As $61.97/MO

Need Help? 1-877-466-8486

"Motivo's stow-away seat design puts the user inside the walker, this aligns the spine, reducing back and neck pressure by 60%."

- Dr. Clay Frank, MD - Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon

2020 Motivo Tour Color Series

All Motivo Tour models have the same functionality and features. Our designer series offers more enhanced color finishes and our Premier series offers an ultra high end finish that will make you the envy of everyone.

Available in multiple colors.

Prices As Low As $61.97/MO

Need Help? 1-877-466-8486

Dark Cherry

Dark Cherry

Pure Silver

Obsidian Black

Deep Fuchsia

Mediterranean Teal

Sapphire Blue

Brushed Titanium

Satin Nickel

Carbon Fiber

See Why The Tour Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before With These Amazing Features!

Walk Tall

Reduce back and neck pressure by 60%. The Motivo Tour's patented stow-away seat design allows you to walk naturally INSIDE and UPRIGHT, compared to walking behind and hunched over a fixed seat rolling walker.

Life in Reach Technology

Shorten the reach over your walker by more than 50%. Standing inside the Tour puts you much closer to everyday items like sinks and countertops, greatly reducing the strain of reaching over the fixed seat as in other rollators.


Decrease your turning radius by more than 50%. Standing inside the Tour allows you to pivot it around you in a virtually zero turn radius, making it far easier to maneuver in tight spaces than most 4-wheel walkers with fixed seats.

Convenient Size

Even with all the integrated convenience features, the Tour is the same size as other 4-wheel walkers and weighs less than 20lbs.

Easy Transport

Folding compactly, the Tour's smooth automotive-grade material and integrated features allow you to slide into a car hassle free. When folded the Tour even stands on its own for easy storage.

Attractive Design

You don't need to settle for bent aluminum tubes. The Tour's contemporary styling and a wide range of color and finish options allow you to make it your own.

Stow-Away Padded Seat

The stow-away padded seat effortlessly slides into the side compartment so it's there when you need it and out of the way when you don't.

Fold-Out Tray

The convenient half-sized tray and 2 cup holders are always at the ready or flip it open to full size to accommodate larger items.

Largest Storage Available

The large, built-in private storage compartment is easily accessible and does not have to be emptied or removed when the Tour is folded up.

Read Our Customer Reviews

Miriam G. -

"It's sturdy, it is comfortable, and it is safe."

Rosalyn S. -

"Finally a walker I can stand up straight and tall with."

Jean R. -

"More Freedom, Less Pain, No Embarrassment."

Don S. -

"It moves around like a dream and is very easy to use."

Bruce L. -

"My Tour has been able to get me thru the worst. Overall, I'm really happy about my purchase."

Kim P. -

"My mother is already walking better and straighter, with more ease. Her two home health care workers are in awe of her new walker!"

John D. -

"I'm tickled with my Motivo Tour and it's getting a lot of attention from everyone at my living facility. It exceeds all my expectations and is working great! "

Catherine B. -

"It is fantastic and well worth the wait! I know I will enjoy it! I will gladly tell anyone who asks where to get one!"

Walk Farther, Easier and Safer

with the Comfort and Support You Need

Try the Motivo Tour
Risk-Free for 30 Days!

To give you and your loved ones peace of mind, we're backing the Motivo Tour with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Prices As Low As $61.97/MO

Call to Order: 1-877-466-8486